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Janet sent an excerpt by email, a great idea for authors to entice new readers.

Author Janet Taylor-Perry

Spirits’ Desire excerpt 2

Posted: 12 Sep 2017 05:58 PM PDT

An excerpt from Spirits’ Desire:
The sleeping arrangement made for an awkward night, but both awoke, eager to continue their journey. A brilliant tangerine blaze greeted them. The cool clean air invigorated the animals, and they made up a great deal of lost time, stopping for only two short breaks and a quick lunch before dusk when they made camp under a grove of spruces on soft, tender, young grass shoots near a trickling mountain brook.
Too tired to do anything but have a bit of supper, Rennin and Rebekah slept soundly under a crescent moon and twinkling stars. The crickets’ song was their lullaby, and the lark’s tune, their alarm.
Several weeks of warming days and pleasant nights came to an abrupt halt when Rennin and Rebekah came to the ford in the river, swollen by previous weeks’ rain and melting snow in higher elevations. The current was strong and swift. Rennin rode up and down the bank looking for a safe crossing.
“Rebekah, it will take a lot of effort to cross, so we had better get started.”
She suggested, “Rennin, let’s ride upstream to where the river becomes more narrow. It might add a few days to our journey, but at least we’ll be safe.”
Irritably, Rennin snapped, “I’m frustrated with all these delays! Buster can swim this. Let’s go.”
Calmly, Rebekah dismounted the black stallion. She turned to Rennin. “Buster might have the strength to ford the river here, but Jewel and Jack do not. Please get off my horse. If you want to take Buster across, Jewel, Jack, the baby, and I will meet you on the other side in about a week.”
Flabbergasted, Rennin was speechless. For a moment, his mouth opened and closed without sound. “Rebekah, have you lost your mind? You aren’t riding upriver alone.”
“No, Rennin. I’m being sensible. You’re acting childish and irrational. I’ll be safer going upriver alone than I will be crossing here, even if I ride Buster. Jewel doesn’t have the strength for this current. She cannot take either of us across safely. If Jack tries to swim here, he will either drown or at least lose our supplies. Be reasonable. If we are to find gold in California, it will be there when we get there. If not, then I’ll be content to be the wife of a dirt farmer, so long as that farmer is you.”
“Damn, woman! Why do you have to be so practical?”
Rebekah smiled mischievously. “Does that mean we’re riding upstream?”
In a mocking voice, Rennin said, “Yes, that means we’re riding upstream.”
She remounted Buster, laughing blithely. She spurred the horse to a quick trot and flung over her shoulder, as Rennin sullenly nudged Jewel to move, “That means I won our argument, and I get to choose how we spend our evening!”
Rebekah urged Buster into a light gallop. Rennin picked up Rebekah’s insinuation and called, “Rebekah! Slow down! Wait for me!”
She tossed back, “Catch me, if you dare!” Then she gave Buster his head and let him fly.