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T.N. Thibideau identifies himself as a disabled combat veteran who served in Operation Enduring Freedom. He is a graduate of the American Military University with a Bachelor’s degree in management and a Master’s in business administration.


He is also a loving husband and a father to four children. Except for his years in the military, he has lived in Mississippi since he was two years old.

He admits to having been into fantasy since before he could actually read, noting his favorite childhood movie was “Sword in the Stone.” His interest in fantasy only grew from there.

He loved Arthurian literature so much in fact that he took an undergraduate course on it his senior year of college. He confesses he was shocked by all of the details he did not know.

“If I had known as a child how the reading in my life was going to shape my personality, I would have spent more time doing it.” 

Do you have a specific writing style?

“I am always writing. When I am sitting at my desk in the morning having a cup of coffee, I let my imagination run wild. Everyone I see becomes part of the narrative in my mind. If I happen to be out and see something that inspires me, I am jotting down notes. Then when I sit to type, I have a head and notepad brimming with ideas and possible funny situations my many characters can be involved in.”

What are your current projects?

“I am currently storyboarding and outlining the second novel in the Ryftia Series. I am planning to write my first draft during NANOWRIMO in November. I have also been brainstorming a new series and thinking about writing a few non-fiction books as well.

When and why did you begin writing?

” I began writing down notes for a novel when I was nineteen and just starting my military career. I would fill at least five pages or more of a composition book and then put it down and lose the notes. Finding a random wasted composition book frequently upset my wife. I just felt compelled to write those things down and could not explain why I had stopped.

“One day I was doing my job and I met the most interesting person; she gave me her pen name instead of her real name. I asked her how I know her name. She told me she was a self-published author and told me how she published her books. Her outlook on this new life she was living thanks to finishing her book was amazing to me.

“This meeting so inspired me that I went home and began searching all of my composition pads for the right story to finish. I couldn’t decide which one I loved best. Then I remembered my oldest child and I were planning out a new adventure for one of our games, and we had our muse.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

” I sold my first printed copy of my book to a total stranger. Everyone’s mother and father will usually buy a copy, but something about a total stranger’s reading your work and liking it enough to give a great review makes it so real.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

“I would say if you have a story in you, the only way the world will ever have the chance to know it is for you to write it out. It doesn’t matter if you think it is garbage when you see it written down. You will never know if it could have been great if you let the fear of failure consume your will to try.

Who designed your covers?

“My fourteen-year-old daughter has an amazing gift for design. She has also agreed to do the cover art for every volume of the Ryftia Series.

Other than family members, who has supported you most and how?


“I have had tremendous support from a few members of my church. I have also had much help from friends I have made in my travels. I even had some on my brothers from the service read a chapter or two and give me some very useful advice.

Do you see writing as a career? Second career?

“I see writing as the career I aspire to. Since I am a family man, I have to make sure that I balance the work that is my passion, writing fantasy adventures for the world, and my day job. As soon as I can afford to support my family with my earnings as a writer, this will be how I make the big bucks.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

“Absolutely not, I am very excited to see how my readers connect with the characters. I always ask a person that I sell a book to personally to message me on Facebook to tell me who their favorite character is, and if he can, the reason for his choice.

Are your writings based on someone you know or events in your own life?

“Yes and no. Some elements are based on my life, and others are completely fictitious. This is the nature of fantasy and the reason it appeals to so many people all around the world. Reality, unfortunately, has its own set of rules. The good guy does not always win. This is why we have fantasy, imagination, and creativity. Some may not agree, but to them, I pose this question: If Fantasy were reality, wouldn’t we all live our dreams?   

Anyone interested in reading the debut novel in the Ryftia Series may go to the following websites and links to get more information on how to buy.

Ryftia: Searching For Wysteria By: T.N.Thibideau


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